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September 2019 - October 2020



Tuesday, September 10th 2019 A.G.M.

Plant Genetic Manipulation - A Simple Introduction

wiht Mike Davey


Tuesday, October 8th 2019

Once Seen Never Forgotten

with Don Witton of Don's Hardy Euphorbias


Tuesday, November 12th 2019

Perennials For Every Season

with Steve Lovell, Lanscape Designer


Tuesday December 10th 2019 : Christmas Social

Musical Entertainment with John Seditas


Tuesday, January 14th 2020

Every Picture Tells A Story

with Don Billingham, holder of a National Collection Of Bromeliads


Tuesday, February 11th 2020

The Wonderful World Of Weeds - Why Are They So Successful

with Sally Smith, Professional Organic Gardener


Tuesday, March 10th 2020

The Wonderful World Of Agapanthus

with Steve Hickman, RHS Master Grower

Plants For Sale


Tuesday, April 14th 2020 CANCELLED!

The Way We Were - How We Gardened 60 Years Ago

with Doug Stewart, Proffessional Gardener.


Spring 2020 : Garden Club Plant Sale CANCELLED!

Sunday may 10th



Tuesday, May 12th 2020 CANCELLED!

Dark & Desirable

with Paul Green, Of Green's Leaves Nursery.

Unusual Plants For Sale.


Summer 2020 CANCELLED!

Garden Club Holiday


Tuesday, June 9th 2020 CANCELLED!

Scented & Medicinal Herbs

with Malcolm Dixon of Hooksgreen Herbs


Tuesday, July 14th 2020 CANCELLED!

Alpines In The Wild & Grown in Cultivation

with David Charlton


Tuesday, September 8th 2020: A.G.M. CANCELLED!

Wildlife In Your Garden

with Marion Bryce, LENS Wildlife Group


Tuesday, October 13th 2020 CANCELLED!

Fascinating Fungi

with Ben Devine.